Acting Base Camp - Getting Creative People the Tools to succeed in Acting

Free Training: Lesson #1

If you don't believe it is possible, then stop reading...

80% of success is conditioning and information. 20% of success is taking action. Here you can get all the insights and short-cuts of a seasoned professional who has helped 100's of actors start a career.

Module #1 Reset Audio Sessions

Overcome fear and procrastination. Feel more confidence by re-conditioning yourself for success. Based on NLP and 'the Secret' you will feel safer, more confident and be more productive in just 1 week.

Module #2 Casting Secrets

Casting Directors cast by associating. Don't just be a type of actor. Nail your marketing and self-branding strategy on the go. Learn where to find Castings anywhere in the world and how to self-tape yourself. Headshot and money-saving tips.

Module #3 Social Media Power

No more Cat and Party Pictures on Instagram and Facebook! Develop a strategy to harvest the power of your Social Media Account and become a paid Influencer.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of our exclusive landing page training course.

  • Professional Acting Training based on 'Method Acting' from NY and LA
  • Easy to follow Casting Tips and secret insights from seasoned professionals
  • Powerful daily 5 minute Acting Exercises
  • Casting Emergency List
  • Free Workbook included
  • Self - Taping and Youtube / Instagram how to

Thank you Ralph!  From the bottom of my heart!  I am glad I can make you proud…your class opened me up to so many life…not just in the “acting world".  It really showed me that I can do it and that I am worth it.  This co-star role is just the first of many…  This journey, just feels right…even with all of the ups and downs…it certainly can be a roller coaster….but when you are passionate about something…there is no other direction, other than forward!

Naida Nelson
Naida Nelson starring on FOX 'Secret Hollow' -

I'm here in New York moving forward and I catch myself applying a lot of lessons in my daily interactions with people and/or with big decisions. I can't thank you enough for all of the knowledge that you've shared with me. It's really helped me launch forward with everything that I'm doing. I have a lot of moving pieces and some BIG announcements will be rolling out in the next few months. Just you wait.

Franky Arriola
Franky Arriola Fox News Contribuitor / Stand Up Comedian / Business Owner